6 Ways To Make Your Bed Look And Feel Larger Than It Is

Everyone wants to sleep well with a comfortable space on their bed. Mentioned below are the few ideas which can be used and practiced to create a larger space for your room and bed.

Color scheme

Solid neutrals mixed with patterned accents and shapely antique nightstands make the perfect case for how wonderful mixing and matching can be. Beige bedding and a neutral headboard are purchases you buy once and love forever. They can easily be mixed with accessories, accents and colors. With beautiful colors and makeovers of the bed, it comes a stylish look and space with a few easy updates. It’s fun to get punchy with cool patterns. To maximize the size of your bed you need to use solid colors. In this case white color gives the most effective look to boost the size.

Use of pillows

It has been seen in many part of the world that when people goes to bed for sleeping, they use too many pillows beneath their head and sometimes between their legs at night. The important thing here is that you need to figure it out that what you actually requires at the time of sleep. If you need a larger space on bed then is it necessary to have all these pillows on your bed. If not then remove the pillows, place what you require and sleep well on a larger space on your bed then before.

Get the Art which matters

Strategically hanging art is one of the easiest ways to make a room look bigger. The art gives your eye something to focus on beyond the physical perimeter of the room and has the effect of expanding space. Don’t overload he walls. The more you put on the walls in a small room, the smaller the space will feel. Instead choose a few larger pieces and place them on different walls around the room. Doing so makes your eye move around the space and you notice the architectural constraints of the room less. The art hanging on the walls should be six to eight inches above the bed in order to give it a soothing look. Cool colors make walls recede and have the effect of enlarging a space, while warm colors make rooms look cozier. Using white on the walls is crisp and makes the room feel spacious.

Use of bench

Some people have the habit that they have small pets who use to sleep with them in their room. If the bed is small and you need an extra space to sleep than place a bench at the end corner of your bed for your pet. It will take an extra place in the room but you will have a comfortable sleep on your bed with more wide space.

No pets on bed

People who have small space in their room, they should not let the pets to sleep on their bed. It has been observed that some of the people use to sleep with their dog on the same bed. Sometimes these dogs are too big that they need a complete space of a man on the bed which results into a smaller space for you and you no longer are in comfort zone. Remember the room and the bed belongs to you and your comfort should be the first priority.

Use bed for sleeping purpose only

It has also been seen that few people are habitual of watching TV or using their laptops on the bed. Sometimes there are so many things placed on the bed which results in having lesser space on the bed. Try to use the bed for the sleeping purpose only and if these things are not placed on the bed then you might find your smaller bed seems bigger.

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